Raw News Video from 3 Alarm Martinez Apartment Fire Today

Below is the link to the CBS 5 raw video from the 3 alarm Center Avenue Martinez apartment fire. Multiple crews from Contra Costa County Fire responded to assist with this late morning fire. No injuries were reported.


2 thoughts on “Raw News Video from 3 Alarm Martinez Apartment Fire Today

  1. My thanks go out to firefighter Bame and all crews that responded to this fire. Bame and his team rescued our two yorkies from the back corner unit. And with the skill and fast response of the Contra Costa Fire Protection District, the damage was limited to just a few individual units. This fire could have been much worse, but the fine containment and work of those fighting this fire saved many of our units.

    I do hope that people learn a lesson from this fire. Smoking isn’t healthy for you but it’s also not safe. Especially when you smoke in bed.

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